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Re: Multihull Popularity and Interesting Designs

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
I want to get a bit more information on this from the article I linked above...

It's been discussed a bit above, but I'm still trying to figure out what the "most effective" overall solution/compromise is. Intuitively, I like the twin stern approach (just makes sense to me based on how I've sailed thus far) - but I do like the way Outremer has the hybrid approach (tillers with an elevated but not too elevated helm station)..

I like the redundancy of the tillers - though I do think it's a bit strange to have them there all the time. Are they easily removable and replaceable?

The FP Lucia has the raised deck-level helm as well - but it's not too raised (a semi-fly-bridge?)...

Then you get to the true fly-bridge like this Lagoon 52...

Now, apart from the fact that I'm just definitely not a fan of the fly-bridge, another thing I'm trying to figure out is how they are balancing the sail power and/or the higher-lever arm of that power as the boom goes up. I assume they are just making the main smaller? And if that's the case, it seems like you are giving up a HUGE amount of performance.


Iím not a fan of the fly bridge. Raises the CG and CE. More motion up there, limited visibility when job or screecher is set and a bunch of stairs to climb. Would be nice for evening cocktails in a calm anchorage.
I like the Outremer setup. The twin tillers to get the joy of a good sail when the weather is nice and behind the bulkhead when weather is snotty or maneuvering under power.
The problem with twin helms in the stern of the boat is possible lack of visibility if you canít see over the deck house and sun protection.
Single wheel behind the bulkhead is probably the most common installation but I really like the twin wheel setup of the Seawind.
Nice flat unobstructed pathway between the 2 helms and good interaction with people in the salon.

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