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Re: Spirit 23/NA 23 owners: need pic of forward hatch clasp/latch

Originally Posted by blobaugh View Post
My latch was unfortunately ripped out in a huge wind storm a couple years ago (duck taped shut now!) so I am unable to get photos, however there was a block of wood glued in that held something like....

The side with the screw handle on it was attached to the inside front of the hatch and the bottom clip mounted on the front edge of the opening.

I might recommend going with something like this though
I hit my heat or scratched my back on the stainless screw painfully a few times. The rubber t handle type would prevent some injuries I would guess.
Ben... many thanks for the reply and the suggestions... especially that second one. $65-70 seems a bit much for such a simple item.

Spirit is in my carport at the moment getting a bunch of small but essential things done/completed. She's got new multi-season bottom paint, a new cockpit floor, and a somewhat modified centerboard lift mechanism. The original design of the CB lift mechanism was just plain bad. Our new mechanism is better in that the cable attaches much further back on the CB than before... but it still isn't ideal. But since I will have her in a boat slip, there won't be much of a need to raise and lower the CB. I'll crank it up occasionally some just to keep things moving smoothly.

I have re-done all of the woodwork and made new sliding hatch cover rails. I am in the middle of re-bedding much of the deck hardware that is essential to have done by launch day, which will be middle of April. I can re-bed the rest when she's on the water.

I hope that I can provide several photos once she's had a good scrubbing/bath. The inside is just about completely finished/cleaned.
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