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Re: Cast Iron Cookware

Just recalled another reason I don't like aluminum as it can melt on some stoves.

I was in the workshop yesterday prepairing the foot of a mast for brazing preheating it on a camp stove and got distracted for a moment. The aluminum bar stock that I was also getting warmed up sagged as it approached the molten state so I had far surpassed the 720 degrees I was aiming for. I have seen this happen to aluminum pans and even stainless with carbon steel encapsulated in an aluminum wafer on the bottom of the pan.

I rescued one teenage girl who could not understand why I grabbed her from behind when I caught sight of the aluminum disk shifting as she started lifting a pan she had boiled dry to quench it in her wash tub. I told her the bottom of the pan had melted and hot liquid metal was about to pour all over her so hold still and let me take the pan. I set it on the concrete and let it cool. When she saw the bottom of the pan shifting about as I tried to somewhat center it she stopped yelling at me, turned a whiter shade of pale and broke down into tears realizing what it would have done to her if the aluminum wafer had slid off and hit any part of her. That would have been a horribly painful and disfiguring burn. The pan rocked a bit afterwards and was still serviceable plus reminds her of the need for caution lifting a pan that you have boiled dry and has any aluminum parts on it.

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