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Re: Catamaran Knocked Down Near St George Island

Originally Posted by DaisysDriver View Post
I think sometimes seeing or hearing of an oncoming squall actually can in the minds of some create problems because basic instinct in the mind of the inexperienced is to move to safety quickly which is exactly the wrong way to think on the water. Still it is often I believe why people are slow to reduce sail. They equate reduced sail to slower speed which is true but in the case of hard hitting squalls this is the exact right thing to do. It is counter-intuitive and only becomes intuitive with training and experience.
A lot of correct safety related reactions are sometimes counter intuitive to the inexperienced such as what to do in a blowout especially in a large vehicle. The correct behavior is to press the accelerator pedal to the full throttle position (to the floor) in order to stabilize the chassis yet most will be inclined to hit the brakes. After control is established then coast to a stop while gently pulling off to the side of the road.
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