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Re: Catamaran Knocked Down Near St George Island

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Jeez - that is a nasty one ss. When you see a "bow echo" like that, it's going to be especially nasty. That was what was seen on radar for the Dauphin Island Race disaster as well....

I'd never seen that before and thought it was weird - especially this far out. That should have been my first clue. Of course, for us, there was nowhere to duck in. So we just had to take it on the chin.

As I said, I had already dropped all sail and started the motor in preparation for it - and when it hit I just turned and ran with it under bare poles. It was pretty easy. Then when it started easing a bit I just slowly circled the ship about 1/2 mile away in case it was going to get worse. It didn't - just like most of these storms, it blew past after an hour or two.

We then started back toward St. Pete right after. No problems at all.

This one was again predicted days out and is another major front that's been impacting the South and now South East. Lots of tornado's, lightning and squalls. Wind gusts over land are up to 40 mph with sustained at 16 SW so expect much worse out in the Gulf. The Atlantic Coast should be getting interesting now and I would not want to be out around Cape Hatteras or the Frying Pan today.

The normal afternoon Tropical Squalls will arrive shortly too as Summer Approaches. Locals know that approaching sunset they can be a daily occurrence but rarely last longer than 15 minutes. They develop over the Gulf, Bay and/or the Wetlands around Sarasota but are still fairly predictable depending on the air/water temps and humidity.

Today's storm brought gusty winds that started yesterday and the rain has been going on since about 1 PM. We are just about 60% through the rain squalls. Next few days will be in the mid 60's instead of the mid 80's as they were last week.

It has been great fun for a few weeks since we had a British Racing Team as guests holding their Spring Regatta at the Sailing Center and the kids were all pumped by the early Spring winds of our prime sailing season. You could hear them chatting about how unbelievable it was that they were in Florida where it was nice and warm and they've got "WIND!" Nice to see them getting high 70's and low 80's with the sailing forecasts the weeks they were here a pretty solid 9 out of 10 almost every day. Hope they liked it well enough to keep coming back.

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