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Re: New owner of a Parker Dawson 26 Ketch

Making progress towards having a boat again rather than just a very tall and inconvenient travel trailer.

With Stagg's help we used the mast crane up at the lake to noodle the engine back into place. In theory this gets the engine off of the table in the middle of my shop....

Except of course it doesn't since he left another engine on my table...

I was watching the Free Range Sailing guy on YouTube as he replaced some bad mounts on his Yanmar and he made up some clever spacers to try to end up with the engine sitting a little lower on the mount once it's adjusted down. Seemed like a pretty clever idea to me so I cut some sections of phenolic board to use once I start lining everything up.

Since I already had the aft cabin stripped to avoid getting everything dirty from the great soot monster I figured it would be a good time to pull apart the rudder scabbard and overhaul everything there. Everything came apart easily enough other than the pivot bolts which were pretty solidly stuck in there with corrosion. The big impact finally shook them loose.

These guys are fitted with 1/2 ID 5/8 OD 5/8 long 3/4 flange nylon bushings easily enough found at most places that sell lawn mower stuff. I thought about going to bronze oilite, but the Nylon seems to have lasted pretty well and I don't need still another dissimilar metal.

I painted it with Brownells Alumahyde II matte black paint. I have found Alumahyde to be an exceptionally good paint for adhering to aluminum and of course I just so happened to have a can on hand.

Naturally the tiny central Iowa tiki god of spray paint was angry so I ran out of paint literally THIS close to being done. Oh well, another can ordered....

One more tip for you Parker Dawson owners out there. The slot for your rudder in the back of the hull will admit some amount of water in during rain. Occasionally when you get pooped by a big wave it lets more than a little in. Not a huge deal, it runs down to the bilge hopefully sucker punching the mud dauber wasps along the way but it can get the stuff in the inset portion of your cabinet wet. If you prefer to keep your Harlequin romance novel collection dry, it is worth slathering a layer of glass over the top of your cabinets here. I will not be seen once installed but will keep your goodies a little drier.
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