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Re: Catamaran or Monohull- which is best?

Originally Posted by capta View Post
Any first time boat buyer looking @ a 60' cat for ocean cruising needs a pretty damn big bank roll and a good dose of reality check, IMO. But she seems to have the former if she's going to hire a full time crew. That's a cool quarter mil plus, right up front every year!
Anyway, it seems she's taken her ball and gone home 'cause "some really nasty hateful arrogant people" aren't saying what she wanted to hear.
I read the thread and I have to actually take exception with this last part. I could be wrong, but I don't think there is anyone on this forum who actually has the experience necessary to give her good advice on running a 60' fully-crewed cat for full-time living aboard and ocean cruising.

At least no one on this thread gave her anything useful in that regard.

As you say, if she can afford it, it can easily be done. It is done all the time in wealthier circles.

So it's not really about "people not saying what she wanted to hear" - it was really more about people saying stuff that didn't apply and/or telling her to do it like them instead because they know better or make assumptions - and kind of putting her down as they did so. And that's usually the case in these kinds of threads from what I've seen over the years.

I honestly didn't see any of her statements in this thread that warranted the blowback. But it's over now.
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