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Re: Catamaran or Monohull- which is best?

Originally Posted by jephotog View Post
What's the chance a storm that can roll a monohull and sink it does not destroy a catamaran? Does a cat become so stable upside down it becomes impervious the havoc above?
The same physics that keep a catamaran upright, keep it upside down.

It's a function of length of the lever arm (beam) and the force of gravity acting down, the force of bouyancy acting up and the height of the centre of gravity.

An upside down cat has basically the same beam as a rightway up cat. Likely a lower centre of gravity (due to the superstructure being underwater). Likely a greater force of gravity acting down on each hull due to water ingress. The big variable is the centre of bouyancy acting upwards as the hulls slowly fill with water.

I think, at first, a beamy cat should be pretty stable upside down and possibly become less stable over time as the hulls fill with water.

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