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Re: Catamaran or Monohull- which is best?

Originally Posted by eherlihy View Post
As I get older (and crankier) I find that I don't have the patience to deal with either trolls or dolts. Posting such drivel will get you onto my "Ignore List" pretty quickly, as it did with Lassiegirl.

[EDIT]Lest you think that I was too quick to cut Lassiegirl loose, let's take a look at her contributions to SailNet. Remember this is SailNet, the forum where we discuss things relative to Sailing:
9 posts to "Alright, I hope I don't get clobbered here" - an introduction thread, in which she seems to get off on the right foot.
10 posts to "Raw Vegans?" - in which she gets preachy about how her vegan diet is superior to "meat eaters" diet.
1 post to "Newcomer to Phuket (and Langkawi)" - she would like to visit that area.
9 posts to "God and sailing" - where she shows herself to be a complete lunatic.
4 posts to this thread.

I would have hated to have to spend any time with her, or worse, be stuck with her as a student.

I believe that SailNet will be a better forum with members that can post intelligent SAILING RELATED questions/comments/observations.
Starting with your last part, this has always been my problem with most forums and the clique mentality that seems to rule them. How can a newb "post intelligent SAILING RELATED questions/comments/observations" when they don't really know anything? And who defines "intelligent"? What it really comes down to is their attitude in the face of the "advice" they're getting from long-time members. Do these members approve of that attitude? And if not, what do they do? Ignore and move on?

This chick's first post in this thread was a perfectly intelligent question as far as I'm concerned...for a newb.

I looked through some of the other threads you mentioned and I certainly didn't see where she was anymore a "troll" or a "dolt" or a "lunatic" (your words, not mine) than anyone else posting in those obviously contentious threads. You'll notice I wasn't one of them BTW (counter to recent sentiments on "bullying").

When I first came to SN, I cut my teeth in OT - actually in a very sailing-related thread there called FightClub For Sailors. I don't ever go to SNOT anymore - and I was NEVER into PWRG. It's all boring as hell compared to sailing. So I just stick to the sailing threads now.

I think one of the problems around here is that SNOT posters tend to bring that angst out into the general forum - chasing each other through these sailing threads and piling it on. And I don't think that is good at all for the forum.

So, maybe, as you say, everyone around here is just getting old and cranky. But that's no excuse. Newbs should be able to post without getting jumped. Period. If one doesn't like their attitude - move on. It's simple...unless one has something to prove.

As for catamarans, for those of you interested in sailing - most of them sail very well if you know how to sail them. You can read about that from a few people who actually own them here...

That's where I'm headed.


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