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Re: proof i am not a goddess

I don't have Sal's artistic ability, but yes, I understand his reaction. Mostly I just ignore internet rudeness.

It does, however, detract from the civility and enjoyment of these discussions. Usually I would just skip reading such drivel. What's interesting to me is that Mark went on to describe situations that were pertinent and allowed me to think about important (to me) issues. I have been known to hoist a few drinks (not too often) and I know that it makes the docks and boats more dangerous places. In fact, I have a family member who lives aboard and often drinks. We family worry about him for that reason. So that aspect of the discussion actually really matters to me. And I would have missed that part of the discussion because the poster felt, for whatever reason, to call us idiots. We're not really ... well not always! So yes, I do have a sense of humor, but calling the forum members idiots just isn't funny.

So, back to the discussion:

Where I am, the water temperature is in the 50's. I've seen a bunch of people fall off docks. One lady - who is a circumnavigator - just stepped off a boat and missed the dock. She really couldn't get out. Luckily my wife and I were in our boat. When we heard her yell, we came running. Got her out, no problem. The worst time was about 20 years ago. We were down in Moss Landing. As I walked by a boat tied to the dock, a little kid (about 5 years old?) came out of the boat and just went into the water. Disapeared. No life jacket. Cold and dark water. The Dad came out and jumped into the water. This took place faster than you can imagine. I stood there to take a moment and sure enough, the kid surfaced and I grabbed him. The Dad came up a moment later. That was REALLY scary.

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