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Obtaining Liveaboard in Longbeach / LA area


I am looking into the possibility of a full time liveaboard in one of the marinas in Longbeach / LA area.

[If this post belongs in a different thread please redirect me.]

As a precursor: my main objective is to learn all I can from those knowledgable in the subject of liveaboards, preferably from owners in the location desired, as well as sailing in general. I do NOT know much about this subject or sailing but I have to start somewhere and do have the desire to learn.

So feel free to comment / criticize but please keep it constructive. I know this is not a "dive in it's easy, live your dreams endevuer" and thus do not expect a cake walk in acquiring a liveaboard or knowledge about how to get and maintain one. Though I have seen that it is possible. My goal is to learn the best route of action and means of doing so.

I have done some preliminary research as far as thread digging and general costs goes.

Q A) In sequential order (from the ground up) what actions and deeper questions do I need to take / have answered in pursuing a liveaboard.

For example should I

1) Go to every applicable marina and ask the harbor master their liveaboard policy

2) Then try to get on every slip wait list I possibly can.

3) Then purchase a boat within the required liveaboard specs

4) ect...

Other questions I have...

Q B) Do I need to already own a boat first in order to even be considered for a slip? Does it make the process faster?

Q C) Does it help to acquire a general slip first and then try to transfer to a liveaboard slip later on.

Q D) Should I only look for boats selling with the slip included? Only with a liveaboard slip?

Q E) What factors will make me more desirable in the eyes of the marina / master, or is a waitlist a waitlist.

Q F) Would it help to get deeply involved in a yacht club / sailing club or frequent marinas to pick the harbor masters brain and developed a relationship to show I'm serious about this and not just another derelict looking to live on a boat.

Q G) Is there a period of time I should expect in this area (I know it all depends, so enlighten me on what factors it depends on)? Am I looking at months, 2 years, 10 years?


I've heard some marines such as willmington and san pedro are more "accepting" of liveaboads although not the most desirable locations. Should I start with these? What are some others that I should and should not consider for liveaboards?


I know this subject has been beaten to death in other threads, that liveaboards can be looked down upon as well as coveted. So I hope anyone who has lived aboard or knows about it will be willing to offer some knowledge.

If you've read this far a little background on myself and my intentions. I am a young professional engineer currently living in the LA area and feel that a liveaboard will sute my lifestyle and personality (I am not looking at it from a cheap fun idea perspective as I know it isn't cheap and comes with plenty of hurdles, I view it as a desired lifestyle). If I were to accomplish obtaining a liveaboard I would see the harbor as my home and thus treat it as one I would want to live in. Take care of the surrounding community and become of valued member of the marina and local area, not just as a tenant.
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