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Re: Exercising on a boat - Look what I fell in love with!

Originally Posted by travlin-easy View Post
I'm a really old (77), overweight, and lazy fart that raises the main sail on his 33 Morgan Out Island without breaking into a sweat. Never really thought about it, and never need to use the winch. I pull down using my 225 pound body, and the sail goes up. Nothing to it!

Before I got an electric windless for the boat, I hauled a 42-pound anchor attached to 50-feet of chain out of the mud on a regular basis, again, no sweat.

Now, maybe it would have been easier if I were in my 50s, slim, trim and getting ogled by the ladies. Ha! That's never gonna happen again, but I sure enjoyed those days.

Good Luck,


That's great. Now, to be clear, I'm not talking about some 250 sq.ft. rag that weighs 30 lbs. Those I can hoist with one hand. The mainsail has a full roach, made of some heavy multi-ply material, is ~650 sq.ft., weighs upwards of 100 lbs even without the 6 battens inserted, and resembles an X-ray blanket more than it does a typical Dacron bedsheet. It's just a different weight category than a 33-footer with a masthead rig and a small main.
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