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Re: what's involved in removing an injection pump on a yanmar 2gm?

Many could save themselves a lot of grief by treating their IP to a little Dexron I or II (and no higher) ATF at every oil change to keep the IP clean and well lubricated.

I have a 4FB1 Isuzu Diesel which was used in cars, trucks, boats, generators and industrial equipment that I thought was going to need to have an IP rebuild and the old timer I took it too to ask about what it would cost to get the pump rebuilt pulled me aside and told me to drain the fuel filter, refill it with either Dexron I or II, start it for a moment turning it off immediately, wait 30 minutes and then start it again taking it for a ride because that will be what they would do before removing the pump to see if it really needed rebuilding.

The pump no longer needed rebuilding or any adjustment after that and I have added that procedure to my standard oil change schedule. There is over 1/2 million miles on the engine and the pump still has not required a rebuild. Dexron I or II is highly detergent but does not contain a high amount of friction modifiers so it will lubricate the seals along with clean the pump without damaging it. If you use Dexron III and above or any other more highly friction modified ATF you could create problems which us why this is limited to only Dexron I or II.

Farmers and boatsmen have done this to reduce IP problem with their diesels for about 40 years now.
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