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Re: DIY Fuel Polishing?

It really depends on what's in the tank, and how well you can access it. After one summer of "that *&%#@$ed engine again?!" we decided to just go nuclear on it and make sure that only had to be done once.
Tank access was poor, as usual. So we wound up pulling the batteries, pulling the steering cables, and eventually pulling the tank out through the lazarette. There was less than finger-clearance around it but it could be done.
Then the float valve and access plate came off, and we cleaned out the entire tank as much as it could be accessed. Poured in a big box of rock salt (abrasive when dry) and hand tumbled it, to clean out anything beyond the baffles. a couple of fresh water flushes took out the crud and the remaining salt. Air dryed the tank for 24 hours, put it all together again, and made sure it only got "the very of butter" from then on.
We would have sent the tank out to a radiator shop to be steam cleaned, but they're all rightfully afraid there would be an EPA issue with fuel. If you have a steam gun...that's another option. (All the waste goes in the marina waste oil tank.)

Is DIY practical? Hellyeah. Might take more time than it is worth to you, and wrestling out a tank is not necessarily a solo job. But knowing you're starting on a clean foundation? Priceless. And best done when the tank is near empty.
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