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Re: Dog that went overboard 3 miles out to sea found alive on beach

Originally Posted by jwing View Post
One man's touching story is another man's religious pablum.
I have been mulling your comment since shortly after your posted it this morning. I wasn't going to respond but, frankly, I find the sentiment sufficiently offensive that I feel compelled to do so. That the man's dog survived in the circumstances is, for all practical purposes, miraculous. To him--and likely to most pet owners in similar circumstances--his prayers were answered, whether by chance or by some higher authority. Giving thanks in such circumstances would be, for most, quite natural and to the more devote, perhaps, to g_d, in either case heartwarming. I would think it more natural, for most, to share his joy, relief, and thankfulness. It takes a pretty callus character to hold that expression of thanks in contempt and to voice that sentiment is, itself, contemptible, revealing more about the character, or lack thereof, of the speaker than he/she might prefer be disclosed in a public forum.

You, buddy, have ended up on my "Ignor" list and I would not be surprised other's as well.


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