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Re: Dog that went overboard 3 miles out to sea found alive on beach

Originally Posted by MikeOReilly View Post
Seriously jwing, I’m a proud atheist, and I too found the story touching. So what if they guy wants to ascribe divine intervention to it?

And as an old newspaper guy I can tell you the story would be just as compelling with or without the whole g-d stuff. Put sex, blood or animals on your front page and you sell lots more copies. Same goes with vids. The whole g-d stuff is just the cherry on the cake here.
You found it touching; so what if I found it to be pablum? What is your problem with that? Of course, the religious will be over-sensitive, and of course they will immediately resort to personal attacks based on their own imaginary facts about me. (BTW - great entertainment guys, I'm LMAO at your "outrage.")

Maybe it was the sinking boat angle that made it newsworthy, but many, many boats sink all the time and don't get mentioned on the TV news or even sailing forums. It can't be the dog story. Dogs get lost every day. Some are lost forever, some get returned; the great majority of cases do not get covered by the news media.

Actually, the story in question had two cherries...histronics and an Evangelical message, both caught on camera.

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