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Re: Dog that went overboard 3 miles out to sea found alive on beach

Again, has nothing to do with the comments about your callous statement. We are are entitled to our opinions and must know and accept others. That is not the question or the issue. The concern others are expressing is regardless of religious beliefs most humans have compassion for others as part of our DNA. I know we see lots of examples that contradict this statement every day but I still believe it is the minority of our race. IN MY OPINION your statement puts you in the minority and that is disappointing.

Take comfort in knowing that because our God is an incredible forgiving God, in your final moments you too can still find his grace. Their are countless stories of non believers turning to God when faced with their own potential demise. There is a reason for this, and the reason is it is ingrained in us because we were created in Gods image. We are the ones that keep screwing it up, not God. I know it doesn't make sense. That is because it is bigger then we are. Believing does take faith. The reward for the faith is a comfort and joy, a satisfaction that can only be know by a believer. Its like trying to explain to a non parent what it is like to have kids. Its not possible to know what you don't know.

For sake of a simple discussion I always take the stand of "why not". What is the worst thing that happens to me as a person that believes. I do my best to live a life that is centered around be a kind, giving, loving person. I believe in something that gives me peace throughout my living days. I die and there is no after life so I just disappear. OR...It is true and I have a glorious after life. I don't see the down side of believing in our God.

Anyway. Just my opinion of course. Feel free to fire away...

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