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Re: Dog that went overboard 3 miles out to sea found alive on beach

Originally Posted by Rezz View Post
OK, everyone... this topic is about a dog that fell overboard and being reunited with its owner.

If you need to debate religion, either start a new topic in the PRWG section of Off Topic, or take it to PMs.

I'll delete any more religious debate in this topic starting now.
Dear Rezz:

With the utmost respect of your difficult and thankless position, I would like to make a request. Please, please don't delete any religious posts. I'm way ahead at work, therefore a bit bored, and posts like #35 and #41 tickle me, even though they are hackneyed. But it's all the different ways people are trying to insult me that really make me chuckle. Please don't take that away.

PS - Damn, too late. You went and did it anyway, without removing all religious posts and personal attacks. Respect withdrawn pending your completion of the task.

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