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Re: long distance cruising in a PS 34?

Originally Posted by kbbarton View Post
I do indeed. I've been watching various cruising-related YouTube channels and they mostly involve bigger boats (funny that Capta mentioned a Amel Super Marimu - that boat features prominently in one them, though it seems to have at least four people on board most of the time). I was just thinking that the Crealock 34, for a dedicated blue-water cruiser, has a relatively tiny fuel tank and two relatively small water tanks which I would think would limit the boat's endurance. Of course, I recognize that on a passage one would actively conserving fuel, power, and stores.

Maybe I was just musing my way to a PS 40.
Those PS 40s are very nice. However, for me, I made a conscious decision to go with the 34. I'm in my early 60s, don't have any kids, and my wife is not into sailing, very little other family (and they're not sailors either). So, I'm either single-handing or I have to depend on finding crew. With the PSC34 I can easily handle the sails, the boom, do all the repairs and upgrades, on my own (of course, when we lived out in the southwest, I use to go backpacking in the wilderness either just with my GSDs or with one or two other friends, so I like smaller groups during my ventures).

As for fuel and water, I'm either going to carry extra on deck/in the cabin, or in the case of water, maybe install a water maker behind one of the salon berths.

There are a number of YouTube videos that feature smaller (under 40) sailboats of varying capabilities. For example Sailing Vessel Prism. I guess that there is a bias toward the bigger boats because their videos can include more characters (especially of the female persuasion).

Best of luck with your PSC34. I'm planning my first multi-week trip around the Great Lakes for next summer, really looking forward to the adventure.

-- Bill
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