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Re: Is the boat yard screwing you? stories

I have had mixed experiences with boat yards. Some were really good. Some were really bad.

My worst experience was when I was trying to sell my first cruising boat, a Grampian 30. She was a nice capable boat, but my wife was pregnant and we were live aboards, so we decided to upsize, without having a buyer for the old Grampian.

Grampian had a pretty reliable atomic 4, but as luck would have it, the first potential buyer showed up and the engine WOULD NOT START! Had always been reliable for me.

So now I am doubled up on boats and mooring/storage fees and winter is coming. I took it to my local marina and said, engine wont start, please fix it. They told me a mechanic would be out right on it. A $110/hr mechanic would be cheaper than a winters storage, by a lot.

Winter came and they said they couldnt find the problem. Spring came and they couldnt find the problem. Now I am getting desperate. Any way, a freind of mine who worked at the marina overheard the mechanic assigned to my boat boasting that he knew what the problem was, the boat was in otherwise good shape and instead of fixing the problem he would offer me $500 for the boat so I didnt need to pay more storage, then fix the boat and flip it.

So, I hired another mechanic, who wasnt authorised to work at the marina and agreed to come after hours and take a look. I was there with him while he worked. This guy knew atomic 4s and fpund a timing issue in about 10 minutes, fixed it in 20. He charged me about $130.

I went to the marina manager the next day and said my boat was fixed and I no longer required their services. Manager said I owed them billable hours. I told the marina manager the storey. He was a reasonable guy and asked me if he could have a couple of days to look into it. I said fine.

He got back to me in about an hour and said that I would not owe them any further money and I could keep the boat there for a week or two to try and sell it.

With a running engine, I had no trouble selling her for close to what I paid for her, less a winters storage.
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