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Re: Cannabis use on board

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
While I find there are some good legalization arguments, the most insidious reason to legalize anything is to collect taxes. It simply addicts the government to the revenue and the public to whatever that revenue provides. Everyone is living off others addiction/affliction.

I've heard it proposed that these taxes be segregated and only allowed to be used for affliction related matters, such as education, rehabilitation, regulatory oversight, etc. Makes some sense. However, greedy, elect-me, politicians always find a clever way to use it for the general good. It's an evil spiral. Legalize it, if you must. Don't benefit from it, that just make the government the drug lord. I strongly predict that future generations will regret our self-indulgent course.
I think that in Canada, legalization will be a huge success in that it will create a large bureaucracy of highly paid government union employees which is good for our slowly creeping up unemployment numbers. The downside will be a continuous money loser as our government predicts prices to be 30 to 50 percent higher than the illegal street market. The traffickers will go about their business.

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