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Re: Cannabis use on board

Sin taxes of one sort or another have been around for ever. Can be applied to to most “victimless crime”(prostitution, drug, alcohol use, gaming). Can be taken to the extreme (Netherlands) and increase personal freedom or can criminalize anything outside the state religion (Saudi Arabia) and enslave large segments of the population. Given choice would accept the sin tax but with caveat sinner accept personal responsibility for the downstream consequences of the sin. Such victimless crime isn’t victimless in my view. Even something as benign as pot smoking will lead some to waste their lives and be parasitic slackers. I can’t see how prostitution is good for either party, nor addictive gaming,or drinking.
However, freedom implies the ability to make bad decisions. The disconnect in the ma ma state is in not allowing the negative consequences to act as a deterrent to such behavior. Yes there’s much scientific support to justify the medicalization of additive disorders and it’s rational to view them as disease not moral weakness. But some degree of operant conditioning should be allowed to apply.

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