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Re: Marina destruction

Originally Posted by Attikos View Post
All right, Scott. Capta's point was not as you say, and the situation in the Trent River was not as you insist.

I was there. My boat is in the Grand. I have friends at Bridge Point. Theirs are gone. One of them is dead.

What happened, since you seem not to have bothered to read the previous posts, is that a 10-foot storm tide came up the Neuse, building as the estuary narrowed. New Bern has been there over 300 years, and the record flood before now was 7 feet. Bridge Point marina was well engineered, but the pilings were 10 feet tall. That wasn't enough for this unprecedented, unpredictable natural disaster. Almost all the docks there overtopped them, came free, and came apart. Every boat that was tied to one was swept away, most of them into an impassable railroad trestle just up the river, by the 6-knot inflow of water and the 75-100 mph wind. To say prepping a boat better would improve its chances of survival in that circumstance is ignorant and stupid.

I don't know if you're being willfully obtuse for reasons best known to yourself, or if you're having some problem comprehending the matter. Frankly, I no longer care. I'm going someplace else to blow off some steam and get rid of the foul odor the lunatics in this room are creating.
First, let me say I am truly sorry for the loss of life.

You have been attributing statements I have never wrote such as
"the situation in the Trent River was not as you insist" and other nonsense about a prepped boat saving a dock in your previous post. I challenge to find where that is in any of my posts. They are merely straw man positions so you can basically argue with yourself.

Though I have read all the posts I have confined my posts to the gist of what Capta wrote and your over the top reaction to it. He saw boats that were decimated and unprepared and I did too. Prepping is not just about lines and taking canvas down but also could include moving your boat to an area with better survival prospects. You said this was an "unprecedented" natural disaster and I concur but it was predicted. It has been in the news for days now in the UK with an emphasis on the strong surge (6-9ft).

Your accusation of being "willfully obtuse" and uncomprehending is just a projection of yourself.

It appears to me your reactions in this thread are due to what you have just experienced and I wish you well on working through it.
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