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Re: Marina destruction

Originally Posted by capta View Post
I spent a summer at the dock in New Boring as captain of a 65' steel yacht. I wasn't there more than a few weeks before I had found a dozen more sheltered places than anything New Boring offered, that I could move the boat to should a storm threaten.
For folks to say that the travel lifts were full and there were no places where the chances of their boats surviving would have been better, is in my mind just hogwash. Not being able to get off work or it's too long a drive, etc. are just excuses that show how little people in the boating community really care about their boats or the environmental damage the loss of these boats will do, no matter how much lip service they give to the contrary. Everywhere I've ever been that is subject to hurricanes has always had a bunch of boat savvy guys who make a pretty penny by moving boats from exposed places to more sheltered ones, laying anchors, tying to mangroves, taking down canvas and sails, putting out fenders or even tires, etc. for the owners, if they can't get there themselves. I can't imagine that that area doesn't.
One poster mentioned a storm surge in excess of the 10-foot pilings in the marina, but even here in Trinidad, we heard the storm surge was forecast to exceed that by almost 4 feet!
If I were an insurance adjuster, in this case, I would deny almost every claim, citing a lack of due diligence on the part of the boat owners. A couple of years of that will have the insurance rates dropping back to reasonable rates and putting the responsibility for what happens to their boats right where it belongs, on the actual owners for their careless irresponsibility, and not on the rest of us, who do at least make an effort, to ensure the best chances for our boats' survival.
If you denied those claims, the policy holders would sue your insurance company and win not only their claims, but their attorneys fees as well.
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