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Re: Marina destruction

I can understand why preparing your home could take precedence over preparing a boat when you know a natural disaster like this hurricane is headed your way. So you just write off your boat and take care of what's most important to you, I get that. But I don't understand how anyone could claim that leaving their boat at this marina, with a 10+ storm surge predicted several days in advance, was a rational thing to do unless they'd basically just given up.

Since I live in Maine I've never had to deal with this, but it seems to me from observing recent hurricane predictions and what actually happens, that it wouldn't be difficult to avoid having your boat exposed to the brunt of one of these monsters. At least 4 days prior to Florence coming onshore, the cone showed that landfall would be somewhere along the Carolinas, and probably in North Carolina, which is just what happened. I realize that hurricanes can swerve but given 4 days, if a boat owner had headed south 3 days prior to Florence, their boat could have been from a few hundred to several hundred miles from where the storm was predicted to hit and actually hit. Even that far away they might get some slightly higher than normal winds but nothing that a good anchor in the sheltered inland waterway couldn't handle. For those boaters who live in the southeastern US, is this a common storm tactic or am I missing something?

Again, I understand if someone decides that their boat just isn't their top priority and has to attend to other things first, but leaving a boat tied to floating docks with 10' pilings when a 10'+ storm surge along with 100mph winds is predicted well in advance doesn't seem like a viable strategy no matter how many dock lines or how much chafe gear is used.
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