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Re: Best Anchor for Weeds

I think not all weeds are created equal. Around here, weeds often mean flooded forest. My local river is almost all flooded forest. Was flooded in the 1840s to create a 125 mile military barge resupply route. Most of my regular sailing areas are some kind of man made reservoirs.

The St Lawrence is an extreme example. When they created the St Lawrence Sea Way in the 1950s, not only did they flood forest, but they flooded 9 towns in the process as well.

This is not an area where I would use expensive anchoring gear.

That's the plus to an admiralty, fisherman, Danforth (although I personally don't like Danforths in weeds) or an imitation Bruce or any kind of cheap anchor that can be replaced at a garage sale for 20 or 30 bucks. You can leave it behind without the stress of losing 300 or 500 dollars worth of ground tackle. Get your anchor wrapped around a tree root or an old telephone pole, cut it and replace it with your equally cheap spare anchor until you can get to a garage sale.

The Northill looks interesting, never heard of it, googled it, apparently designed for use on sea planes. Reminds me of a fancy version of a grapnel.

Nearly had to cut my anchor loose a couple weeks ago on the St Lawrence. Hooked a piece of bottom junk. We estimated it was about 80 lbs, took my wife and I about 40 minutes to get it up. I horsed she tailed, no winch on board, tiny foredeck, so had to work it from the cockpit. Never did figure out what it was. But got some pictures of it.

I can see the appeal to expensive anchors in areas with fewer dead heads.
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