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Hypothetical Radar

Time to play hypothetical questions.

Let's say I have a boat. What boat isn't important. Let's say it has radar. Let's say there's a race called, say, Swiftsure. Let's say this race usually lasts a long day and two nights. Let's say it can go longer.

Now let's say I want to run radar for the entire race. The reasons I want to do so are my own, and aren't the question here.

First, is that doable? If it is, what will it take? Radar is an enormous drain on batteries, I'm aware of this. So okay, we shut off the reefer, we don't use hair dryers during Swiftsure and we observe some semblance of battery discipline during the race.

So begin. Is there a radar small enough, a battery large enough or a charging system capable of keeping up with a radar running all night?

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