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Re: Crazy first time out on my sailboat today

Leaks can be hard to find.

Is there a cockpit drain that goes out the transom? Look below decks at both ends of that drain line.

Centerboard trunks can be a source of leak. It looks like most of the centerboard is housed in the shoal keel, but look around the top of the trunk for any signs of laminate separation.

And the Dread Previous Owner (DPO) might have installed a drain plug somewhere in the hull to keep the interior drained when it is sitting on the trailer. Inspect the underside to see if there are any other through-hull fittings besides the sink.

And while you are at it, replace the hose on the centerboard trunk cable and sink... both look suspect.

Good luck with your search.

Originally Posted by oysterman23 View Post
test launch...Ease the boat in and check all thruhulls drains etc secure the boat away from ramp and let her sit. Check all fittings and bilge again. When you are very sure the boat is remaining dry drop the centerboard 1/3 down and see if any seepage occurs anywhere. If all is well take her for a short run and if all is still well haul sail and take a short sail
excellent advice. Some leaks can be found only by getting the boat wet.
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