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Re: Crazy first time out on my sailboat today

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Ok you donít get evidenced by making excuses for what you did.
You did something very unsafe.

The CAPTAIN is the one who is responsible. Period
Your decisions MUST always be made with safety in mind first. You failed to do that and were pressured by another person to take guests on an unproven to you boat you had never previously tested. You should have said no.

So what is was a lake .
so what it was calm.
So what it was good weather

You took out an untested boat you donít know well with passengers and endangered everyone. Had someone gotten hurt or injured in this escapade who do you think would be held liable?

Thankfully nothing really happened. You get a second chance. If you donít correct this poor judgement decision starting by owning it , you will repeat. The water is not forgiving, not prejudiced and should be respected. If not your life....than others.

Sorry to be so blunt....b
Sorry to be blunt , but your a arrogant a**hole, they definitely banned the wrong person , smack would have suggested solutions not stand on top of his dockbox and preach a unneeded sermon.

Seeing winters coming plan on replacing all below waterline hoses , you don't have many so cost will be minimal, all new clamps, put proper seacock(s) on , and seeing you have a trailer sailor when your ready pick a dead day at the lake , leave the boat hooked to the cable on the trailer stay right at the ramp , grab a six pack , and watch for water ingress , if you drink the whole six pack and have no water inside , time to try some maneuvers with someone poking around down below to see if anything happens turning to port/then starboard , centerboard down then up ...
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