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Re: If you had a rich friend offer to buy your AC?

In RI 10,000btu might be sufficient, but then again, so might a couple of those Italian stand-alone portable room AC units, which can be thrown off the boat the rest of the year.
Further south, you might find 15,000-16,000 but is considered barely adequate for a boat that size so 10,000btu would be arguable. Even NYC has heat waves over 100F with high humidity, and there's more to come.
I think you really need to look at WARRANTY as much as cost and collateral issues, like the locker or closet you're going to lose "forever" because there's machinery installed in it for this. And the collateral damage from running vents and ducts, and possibly beefing up the electrical system. And of course there's room for extra breakers on the panel...isn't there always.(G)
It is generous offer, I'm just saying that you know how boat projects grow. If you DIY on this one, it may consume a week of your time. If you job it out...remind me again, how easy if it to find a competent *anyone* doing marine contracting of any kind?
"Done right" this isn't rocket science but it will not be a trivial job.

And, at least down south, there are actually some marinas that will bring a large portable AC unit to your slip and drop large plastic AC ducts into your hatches, to provide AC while you're there. Dunno about RI...just saying it has been done before.
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