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Re: GGR entrants getting clobbered

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
I would be interested to know how she was using her drogue. I've never deployed one in anger, but my understanding is you fly a handkerchief sail, head generally downwind, which should be the general direction of the waves and the drogue slows you down. In this scenario, the waves should be overtaking you and I find it hard to imagine how one pitchpoles.
Running downwind is precisely the situation under which one pitchpoles. The boat surges ahead down the face of a wave and when the bow reaches the trough of the wave, it digs in and stops while the stern keeps going, causing the boat the boat to rotate end-over-end (not a sideways roll). The circumstances aren't entirely known in Susie's case but it seems likely that the drogue parted before or during the pitchpole. With the drogue no longer providing any resistance, the stern was free to take off.
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