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Re: Another Wet Ericson

Like I said if its not already your boat then walk away otherwise fix the leaks along with the damage to structure and kill the mold spores before doing anything cosmetic to the woodwork inside the boat.

If the structural damage is too extensive on a boat you already own the best recourse may be to send it to the crusher and learn the lesson that small leaks eventually sink even great ships. Sad thing is too many total their boats through lack of maintenance ending up with a mortgage they are upside down on so they doctor them up so someone else will get stuck with the problem they created.

I see a lot of gutted project boats for sale around here purchased by folks who thought they weren't that bad and then found themselves with an empty hulled money pit that still requires more work than they can afford to deal with. They try to sell them for a few hundred dollars to make them go away and so they won't get stuck with the disposal fees or try to rid themselves of the liability by donating them to a charity.

What likely started out as a small issue requiring the replacement of a few screws and fixing up some caulking was allowed to spiral out of control on that one.
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