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Re: Another Wet Ericson

Originally Posted by davidpm View Post
That is amazing.

How does one decontaminate a lightly molded boat?

How do you fog with what?
The least destructive and people/pet/food safe I've see so far is by fogging with an aqueous solution of food grade (same as in your corn flakes) TriSodiumPhosphate using a fogger leaving all interior inspection hatches and such open and the exterior ones closed to get the best overall coverage and you can spot treat with a spray bottle or compression sprayer set to a fine mist. The area being treated of course has to be dry so the TriSodiumPhosphate will be absorbed and dry out bursting the cell structure of the mold spores.

Here is one example of a fogger:

Most people will not require much in the way of safety gear with the Concrobium TriSodiumPhosphate formula aside from maybe a pair of safety glasses so you don't get it directly in your eyes and perhaps a painters mask. If you have very sensitive skin you may want to wear long sleeves and long pants during the fogging process. Home Depot has been having the Concrobium on sale for less than $8 a gallon for a while now and may have the fogger available in their tool rental area.

Some may get a bit hot under the collar about making a home brew using painters TSP from the hardware store however that is a personal choice whether you want to experiment with finding a proven safe formula that will work without creating a higher risk of damage to finishes or skin irritations.

After treatment you can wash away any visible mold residue. After initial treatment and cleaning a light fogging will leave enough of the product on the surfaces to help reduce the chance of re-infestation as mold spores can be in the air coming in from outside especially where there is rotting vegetation and mossy trees are in the area or coming from your dock mates moldy boat. Absorbent pads, desiccant and such or a small dehumidifier can help with the prevention too. Any thing to keep the dampness at bay to prevent having a mold friendly environment.
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