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Re: Suicide at Sea and captain charged

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
That's a tough one. I'm sure there is more to it, as I've become highly jaded that the media rushes too much out, without proper vetting.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of exposures for the Captain, as I read them. First, it seems the crew gave the victim a scop patch. These are well known to cause hallucinations in some people. That could be deemed causal.

The second is a bother. I'm trying to imagine not turning around for an MOB. Maybe if sea state was life threatening, but that wasn't mentioned. Indeed, the odds were near zero, but not trying at all has to be some sort of dereliction.

This statement is so ridiculous, it causes suspicion......
First they brag on what an expert seaman he is with many years experience but he isn't capable of turning a boat around to perform a standard MOB maneuver?

Waited until the next day to report it sounds fishy too.

That they waited three years to charge him could mean that they have been building their case to better ensure the charges stick as statutes of limitation for murder or manslaughter can give them an infinite amount of time before charges need to be filed.

After the criminal case is over we may see a civil law suite too. No gloves involved here?
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