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Re: Suicide at Sea and captain charged

I can understand the Captains frustration with this guy but it does seem pretty cold to just keep going after you see someone leap off your boat. It sounds like he had some serious mental issues that were possibly exacerbated by the Scop or other drugs he was taking and he wasn't doing anything to make himself popular with the rest of the crew and I expect the rest of the crew was both fatigued, stressed, and frightened of a 250#, angry and out of control crew member, so I can see how their initial reaction after he jumped might be "good, that problem child just took care of itself" but a split second later I think most of us, no matter how much we disliked or feared the MOB, would turn the boat around and try to rescue him anyway.

The article says 5 knots of wind and calm seas on a moonlit night so they must have been motoring so I don't understand how it would be hard to turn the boat around at all. Even without a life jacket, you bob under but don't continuously sink as soon as you enter the water and if they had immediately circled around under power they could have been within feet of his location within a couple of minutes. I obviously wasn't there but I just can't understand Smith's statement that "there's nothing we can do" when there obviously was something they could at least try to do. I don't underestimate the difficulty in getting a MOB, especially a 250# unconscious or belligerent and unwilling one, back aboard, but I just can't understand not trying. It will be interesting to read the transcripts of the other crewmembers statements under oath once the trial is complete.
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