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Re: Suicide at Sea and captain charged

Originally Posted by SeaStar58 View Post
Hung Jury ya think?

Many people here are only focusing on what happened after the Captain goaded this guy on and waited until after it was too late to mitigate the situation. If the reports of the Captain's actions instigating hostility early on hold up then that puts quite a different spin on things. The trial and indictment will likely focus more on that inaction and hostile situation potentially fostered by the Captain prior to the crewman's going berserk along with the timeline of events that followed when they sailed away.

Our discussion on this pretty much guarantees that none of us will be acceptable as jurors

This may become more of a case about Captain's who bully their crew and turn into a Modern Day Captain Bligh out on the water.

We may do well to consider how hard we rib or tease folks on our boats (really anywhere) even if we think that we are doing it in a good natured manner and mean no real harm by it.
Actually I think it will focus on the captain not getting medical attention for a sick crew member. Going days and allowing a crew member puke his guts out getting more and more dehydrated yet not seeking medical care for him seems to be the initial negligence. He was unwilling to alter his schedule to the point that it killed a crew member. The unwillingness to even search for the body just proves he was uncaring and vile.

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