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Re: New Member Interested in CS 36T

A somewhat simplified explanation ........

"fresh water cooled" is actually a misnomer better referred to as "closed cooling system".

Such a cooling system has a heat exchanger with coolant in it. Seawater is drawn via an engine driven impeller pump, pushed through the heat exchanger to cool the coolant in the exchanger then spit out through the exhaust, this water also cools the exhaust. It's the same as a car cooling sysytem uses air to cool it's "closed cooling system".

Fresh water cooling (closed cooling) is the preferred system for salt water. What you don't want is a "raw water cooled" system which uses sea water without a heat exchanger.

A "raw water cooled" engine draws in sea water and not only uses it to cool the exhaust but it also passes through galley's in the engine and cools the block. This is fairly common on small diesels on the Great Lakes and is not optimum for salt water. I've never seen such an engine on a CS36 altho' the CS30's did have this type of engine.

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