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Re: Liner cleaning from leak, how difficult?

Originally Posted by PhilCarlson View Post
If you're OK with replacing that bulkhead, then go for it.

Not sure how difficult it will be on that boat, but consider that the bulkhead is plywood. When it gets wet enough, it delaminates. The water intrusion will have let water work it's way down in between the plys making the problem much greater than what you see on the outside. When you tighten the rig, or load it hard, the bolts will start to work the rotten wood.

Proceed with extreme caution.
uhm, yeah not really. I supposed if I get the price down it might not be huge deal, but at this point in my life I'd rather get a boat that's more or less ready to go. Adding new stuff, replacing sails etc I'm fine with, but compromised structural integrity is where I draw the line.. Call me a wimp I guess.

And considering the PO was "not good about maintenance" according to the seller, who knows what else is lurking! Think I got enough bad vibes from this one

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