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Re: Electric Conversion log for Kahleesea

Originally Posted by mbianka View Post
Wonder if this applies to the most positive battery in a 48 volt series string too. I replaced my 4 AGM's two years ago after eight years of excellent service powering my EP system. Actually only one of the batteries needed to be replaced but, I decided because of their years of service I did not want to mix the ages. So I bought 4 new ones for the system. Two of the new batteries arrived physical damaged on the pallet so they sent two new ones. Last year one of the batteries was not holding up as well as the other three. I'm suspecting it was damaged internally in the same shipment. In hindsight I should have rejected the whole shipment.) Though it was the most positive in the string too. I'll do some load testing in the spring just to make sure it's not my monitoring connections. Since my first battery bank held up eight years. The new battery packing it in after just two is certainly an anomaly.
You guys are scaring me.

The current through all batteries in series is identical.

The only possible way to wire a series bank is with the positive lead on the most positive end and the negative lead on the most negative end.
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