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Re: Electric Conversion log for Kahleesea

Originally Posted by Captain Canuck View Post

I see what you're saying re: how I've set up temporary boat charging. However, the odds of a healthy AGM battery gassing in sub 50 degree weather while on a 800mA smart charger are pretty much zero, so I'm OK with it.
If truly limited to 800 mA, that is a "maintainer", not a "charger".

If it has spring clamps, it is not ABYC compliant.

Even an 800 mA maintainer with spring clamps, can create a spark in a battery compartment.

Any combustible, such as hydrogen gas from a charging battery, gasoline from an improperly stored jerry, stove alcohol from a leaking jug, propane from a canister, tank, or chafed hose, can cause a "kaboom" or fire.

I have had 3 kabooms occur near my personal vessel, at 3 different marinas, caused by people mucking with electrical systems near combustibles.

On one occasion, had I accepted my wife's offer to get hamburgers before leaving the fuel dock, we would have had the guys burning engine compartment lids land on our foredeck. Thankfully, I had minor indigestion, and said, "Nah lets just head out". I over heard the guy say to the dockhand, "Put a hundred in each, no just the port, something is going on." (The idjut new dang well he had a gas leak; what he didn't know is that automotive starters and alternators are not ignition proof.)

On another occasion, leaking DIY propane system install and faulty bilge pump wiring. Had to clean the soot off my decks, 9 others had some real damage, and 3 others including the guy lost their boats completely. The guy had no money and no insurance. His life was ruined that day.

The third occasion, yet another marina, when an unqualified staffer was trying to replace a battery. "Kaboom". Runabout burned to the waterline.

These experiences are in part why I became a "sparky", and try to help boaters keep safe.

If a boater mucks with stuff they don't really know, it isn't just them they are putting at risk, it is everyone who comes aboard, or whose boat is near theirs.

Be safe.
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