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Re: New Lifelines

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Either way the cost is in the fittings.
I would choose either wire.

I did mine 5 years ago. Choose coated wire as I didn't want a bare wire meathook to shrewd my job. Replace myself every 7 years.

Wire is not affected and weaken by sun exposure. No way you coukd convince me dyneema isn't weakened over Tim without showing it. Ive seen what the sun does to my sacrificial dinghy cover every year.

If your boat is in the sunlight 10 months of the year I would take that into consideration.
There is no question that uncovered dyneema degrades with UV exposure, the amount of degradation is difficult to access, but it does degrade. It also chaffs more easily than SS wire. Either way, you need to thoroughly inspect every year and replace all lashings every year. With SS, there is very little to do every year.

I seriously considered dyneema, but after doing the research (PS has a good article on the subject) and noticing that World Saling OSR switched from allowing HMPE to not allowing them, I choose to go with bare wire. I just replaced my 25 year old vinyl covered 7x7 with bare 1x19 316 wire.

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