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Re: How to make GREAT Videos!

Originally Posted by mbianka View Post
I'm just finishing up a relaxing 21 day trip here in the Maldives including an 8 day Catamaran charter. I lost my main camera over the side but, managed to take enough photos and video using my backup underwater camera and phone.

One of the great things about capturing video on files (SD Cards) instead of video tape as Mark may verify is that instead of using time code embedded on the tape and having to watch the tape and write down the time code for the shots you want to use in the edit. You can actually rename the files.
For example my camera names files FB127, FB128, FB129 etc...

I am currently at a Resort Island easing my way back to "civilization". As I drink my morning coffee on the deck I look at the video I've taken and start to rename the files. Say FB 127 will be changed to "Powder Blue Surgeon School". FB128 changed to "Shark Black Tip Reef" This should make it easier to find the footage and photos I need once I start editing or to use in a future video.

On the plane home I may look at the new renamed files again and start to make a shot sheet list with the order of the videos and photo files I want in my edit. Should also save a lot of time once I actually start to edit. Anyone else do this? Comments?

So, I retitle vids like you describe, but I give a simple alphanumeric prefix to help organise, but I also like to keep things in chronological order.

I am in Cuba right now, doing a few different things; kayaking, beach cat sailing and hopefully getting a kite surfing lesson.

So, I prefix my vids. Kayaking will start with something like "K1A Renting a Sea Kayak". So, vid 2 might be "S1A ripping down the beach on a hobie getaway" Vid 3 might be "KS1A Kite surfing wipe out".

This, for me, categorises by sport, and chronoligical order, while still giving unique titles to clips.
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