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Re: How to make GREAT Videos!

We try to make at least 1 video a year since we got into the youtube thing a while back. We aren't doing it for subs\clicks\cash, it's more so we have something to watch during the brutal winters here and also to show friends\family what our sailing life is like. We are NOT pro's at this, but here's a couple tips I can think of that I don't think I saw mentioned:

-Be clear in your mission and update it as you go. Non-descript videos of blue water, coral reefs, and sandy beaches are nice and all, but if we don't know who you are, where you're going, why, etc, they all just blend in together. Stand out from the rest and also help the viewer be part of the adventure.

-When you do cuts to other scenes or angles *time it with the beat of the music*. Make the change happen right on a high hat strike, or a guitar note, or a bass line hit. You probably don't notice it happening but it makes the change on screen feel natural and comfortable.

-When framing a shot do your best to keep the horizon level, unless you're trying to emphasize an off balanced look for a reason, and try to follow the "rule of thirds". Look it up, but it's basically dividing all images (video and still) into thirds and framing your subject in those boundaries. For example if someone is standing on deck watching a sunset frame it so they are in the far left or right 3rd and the sunset is in the middle or opposite third, it looks and feels "right".

Our youtube channel is below, not neccessarily looking for criticism on it. However, you can see in the first "Duck Island" video we didn't time the music to scene changes, and we didn't really give the viewer much of an idea of time-lines or locations. The "Return to Duck Island" video we tried to time frame changes to the music and also included time-lines, location headings, and shots of the charts as we went. It's not perfect by any means but we felt it was alot more viewer friendly.

Still working on the 2018 video. We have it about half done and hopefully completed this weekend. It's such a time consuming thing!!

First video:


PS: Who edits video on a Windows PC and what are you using? For the life of me I can't find good software. The gopro one SUCKS and Adobe Premiere is now only available to "rent" by the month which does me no good if I make 1 video a year. I'm actually about to consider buying a Mac literally just for the iMovie access. Currently we edit all videos at a friends house, which makes video editing a pain since we have to schedule it.

Some youtube videos, nothing fancy

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