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Re: Unlawful boating tickets, government extortion!!!

Originally Posted by SeaStar58 View Post
Most police officers will play nice with you if you play nice with them is really what I have seen.

I did serve as a police data consultant in Florida so have spent some extended time assisting officers with court, jail and prison data systems on a State, County and Local level so I may be a bit Pro-Police due to that. In all that association I had not once encountered a situation where the police went out of their way to harass or be unfair but found quite the opposite to be true that for the most part they go out of their way to give even known convicted felons fair and decent treatment even when the person they are dealing with starts to cross the line. Unfortunately its not the hundreds of thousands of calls for service done above and beyond the call of duty that get National attention but the small handful every few months or years that fall short that are used to typecast all officers.

This situation appears to have gaps as there should have been at least notices left on the boat duplicated by the ones the officer showed up with at the door on both calls. Yes this all could just be a troll for someones amusement to get police haters all in a frenzy. The ticketing software should have triggered the visits by the police due to past due response on the tickets. For the past 20 to 30 years most police forces in any community with more that a small handful of officers will be using a dedicated police and jail management package of some kind tied in with the courts along with 911 to manage and track all of this. This isn't 1950's Mayberry.
I have found its better to consider the facts of the situation rather than make assumptions.

Here in NY we have about 1000 political units, either towns or cities. Quite often the officials make little money, do it for the prestige, or the graft. And just as often they are elected to one term and then gone, with no training ever. I'm very serious. I myself am a sworn town official. As a result of these municipal boards, the oversight of the police departments is uneven and sometimes extremely negligent, or is considered an inside track to political support. Despite this incompetent oversight, and despite the widespread ignorance of our uneducated town justices the LE officers for the most part hold up decent standards, However, there are many officers out there on boats and on land, essentially given very broad powers and very little meaningful oversight. The results of that on any group of humans will lead to some abuses of power and it does. The police on the Hudson got a lot of very bad publicity for their habit of stopping any boat with bikinis on board and many other equally egregious behaviors. As a result they themselves moderated their behavior but you never know what you may get. Many, if not most cops, if they put the lights on, write you a very expensive ticket. And enforcement is often very uneven to say the least.

So, as I wrote, I have seen both good and not so good.

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