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Re: Unlawful boating tickets, government extortion!!!

Mayberry is still out there. I've known a number of hard working underpaid good LEOs. And, it only takes one apple to ruin the barrel. Or perhaps you never heard of NYC's Sullivan Commission, to reform the NYPD? Or the NY Metropolitans, the first NYC PD which was so corrupt that the state shut it down after the Civil War. Replaced from scratch with the current NYPD. The NYPD doesn't like to mention that in their online history.
Long time ago a friend of mine was ticketed by a friendly town cop for not having his car registration sticker. He'd just had the car reinspected and the station was out of stickers, so they stamped his registration card--which was all that the law required at the time. Stamp or sticker, either one.
So I go to traffic court with him, he's got the certified motor vehicle laws with him. Five guys are declared guilty and told to pay the exact same ticket. he gets up, shows the "magistrate" the law, dismissed. What about the other five guys? Yeah, they had already been found guilty and had to pay--even though the magistrate AND the cop both apparently knew this was against the law. It was a racket they worked to make money, even the ABA has remarked that many if not most upstate NY villages have similar problems and if they're innocent--they're too stupid to be in office.

In the OP's case? Dunno. Never spent time fraternizing with the folks in Melbourne FL. Wouldn't want to place any bets on it though, given the way that Florida has so many places where the rich really want to get rid of the vagrant boat trash. (Or anyone who can't afford a megayacht in a proper slip.)
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