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Re: Unlawful boating tickets, government extortion!!!

Sal - Since we were talking about a situation in Florida where I have served multiple jurisdictions I am considering the facts here and not in NYC. Yes there are small towns in Florida with only a handful of officers which I clearly stated were not as sophisticated but Melbourne, whom I have worked with on some projects, is not really a small town like Mayberry with it having a population of over 82,000 and 169 sworn police officers. Their Marine Patrol division works with the County Sheriff, Coast Guard and Homeland Security. Their City Boating code regulates where you may and may not moor a boat along with allows for abandoned or unprotected boats to be ticketed or removed and destroyed. They are concerned with people mooring boats and leaving them unattended on public waters where they weather, rot and sink to then be abandoned which is a felony offense in Florida.

This is the area in question off of Ballard Park and its not a very big waterway with plenty of room for mooring boats plus it appears there are several sunken vessels already out there so potentially a known trouble spot with a public park, businesses, marinas and yes private homes in the area:!4d-80.6249955
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