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Re: Unlawful boating tickets, government extortion!!!

I see two questionable objects in the water, not clear at all as to what they might be, SW of Ballard Park, but that's about it. Considering this is a 2019 image and there are probably wrecks from last years's hurricanes still around, the photographic "proof" says nothing, and shows reasonably unobstructed waters, IMO.

Seastar, you say this is FL not NYC. Right. Do you have any idea how many NYPD officers quit (not just retire, but quit) and move down to FL every year because they feel there is too much pressure on them to "behave" in NYC? I knew one who has on his second reprimand and talking about moving down to FL where things were more lax and he wouldn't be questioned as hard on what he did.

Then there's a report, maybe 2-3 years old, where the FDLE investigated some 2000 officer-involved shootings, including deaths, over something like the last decade. The official conclusion was that ALL OF THEM were justified, no mistakes had ever been made. Really? No mistakes at all, ever?

There's good cops, and crooked cops, and cops who should be in a simpler line of work, all over the world. Nothing exclusive about cops, or Florida, that way.

The OP's complaint was that he was being written up, without warning, for a violation that didn't really exist. That kind of bogus enforcement campaign happens, sad to say, in too many places. Its called politics.

And lacking all the facts, there's still no way to say what the real problem is.
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