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Re: Amount of lead in fin keel of 1969 C&C 36 ft sailboat

Originally Posted by Jeff_H View Post
C&C (the boat builder) did not build a 36 footer in 1969. C&C the designers had three designs in production that were between 34 and 36 feet: Invader (3,000 lbs lead ballast), Redwing 35/C&C 35-1 (5000 lbs lead ballast), and the Frigate (5200 lbs lead ballast but part of that was in the centerboard).

For the record, a fin keel is fixed keel. If this is a centerboard boat, (i.e. what you may be thinking is the fin keel is able to be moved) then it is likely that there will be a higher ballast weight, but some of that weight will be in the keel and some in the centerboard.

We read online about replacing keel bolts. I wonder how many sailors or actually doing this? And why? Is it a sort of routine thing... bolts need to be replaced after X years?

Are there signs that bolt(s) need to be replaced?

Are there catastrophic failures from bolt failures? How many?

Who has changed their keel bolts and what were the circumstances?

Is the keel bolt replacement thing more common for some manufacturers?

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