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Re: Tides Marine mast track

A picture might help us get a better idea of the problem, but there might be two ways to fix this cheaply and easily. If the luff groove is too wide and the slugs pop out, take Rezz's idea and use a hammer with a wood block to bend the arms of the extrusion (gently) closer together. There's a thread on Sailing Anarchy (Dinghies) showing this problem and solution, with pictures. Put the section you're banging on a bench so you don't bend the mast. It might take an hour. If the issue is caused more by a gap in the mast extrusion - the sides of the groove are missing because that's where it broke - have a welder fill in the missing material so there's no gap. He'll need to be careful not to fill in the groove, or you'll have to grind it so the slugs will get through afterwards! It would be a big hassle, to get in there to open up passage for the slugs without bending the arms of the groove open and re-creating the problem! Someone here at the expensive end of the country might charge $60 for something like that. It might take him 15 minutes. You could also try such a fill-in repair using some epoxy goop, but a weld might end up lasting longer and looking better. (The epoxy would need to be painted, which means painting the whole mast...) K.I.S.S.!
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