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Re: Making it easier to solo sail.

Originally Posted by Minnesail View Post
My boat came with a little bridle that connects between the split backstays. The boom rests on it.

For a single backstay you can get a pigtail connected that clips on to the boom:

My boat had two external halyards and they tied off on cleats at the mast, so you had to be at the mast to raise the sails. One of the first things I did was replace the masthead sheaves and add exit blocks so that I could run four lines inside the mast, then out to a deck organizer and back to the clutches at the cockpit.

Two lines exit the top of the mast towards the front of the boat; one is the jib halyard, the other is a spare. Two lines exit the top of the mast towards the back of the boat; I use one for the main halyard and the other for a topping lift.

I prefer the topping lift over the pigtail for several reasons. You donít have to remember to unclip it before you go sailing, the boom doesnít have to be centered to be supported, I fly a flag from it, and itís handy when removing the boom for trailering. Iíve never had to do this, but it could be used as a spare main halyard in case of emergency.
looking at that picture, wouldn't that limit how much the boom can travel? Seems like you wouldn't be able to swing the sail out very far from backstay.
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